My October Bullet Journal


I started bullet journaling about two years ago as a way to take control of my anxiety. I began by tracking my moods and habits to make connections between what I was doing and how it was making me feel. Bullet journaling was a form of  healing for me. It became controlled creativity for me, which was something I needed as I was recovering from my miscarriage. It was something I didn’t have to share with the world if I didn’t want to. I could make mistakes in private and not worry about my handwriting being perfect. It was just for me! I’ve had so much fun exploring new pages and tracking random things in my life!

I’m sharing my bullet journals with y’all to encourage you to start your own! I cannot recommend this enough. It doesn’t have to be perfect or even intricate; it just needs to be what you need it to be! My handwriting is less than perfect, my lines aren’t totally straight, and I’m really bad at drawing. However, the benefits outweigh my embarrassment, and I’m getting better and better.

For the most part, I steal my layouts and monthly covers from Pinterest or Instagram. There are tons of amazingly creative and inspiring pages to get ideas from. I’ll take them and tweak them to fit my style and needs.

Currently, I’m using the Minimalism Art Soft Cover Journal,  Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel pens, and Paper Mate Felt Tip Flair Pens to make my pages.


I love tracking my moods each month. It helps me keep the big picture in mind. When I think that I’ve just had the worst month or that I’ve been too sad for a while; I can look back and see that it was just a bad day or two. Realizing that sometimes I just have bad days has helped me come out of my funks quicker. When I can see how temporary some emotions are, I can move past the bad ones. It’s always fun to figure out a cute way to track my moods.


Having a health tracker is HUGE for me. Holding myself accountable has always been tough. I can talk myself into making decisions that are bad for me way too easily. With a habit tracker, I can get a visual of my success each month. I always get a little joy from crossing things off of a to do list and this is the same concept, in my mind. I feel so accomplished when I compete a full day! I will also compare the habit tracker to my daily mood tracker. If I felt off one day, I can look at my habit tracker and see if something I did may have caused my mood change. For example, I always feel better when exercise or drink my water! If I have too much caffeine or skip breakfast, my energy wears out faster. This has helped me take control of my moods and health.


This spread was just for fun this month! This is all the Hulu and Netflix shows I’ve watched since 2011. This summer, when I was 9 million months pregnant, I watched an ungodly amount of Netflix. I got curious as to how much TV I’d actually watched and I gotta say that I’m a little ashamed. There’s a whole other 3rd page with the reality shows I’ve watched as well. As sad as this is, it’s been eye opening to see how I chose to spend my free time before Winnie was born. I have a feeling this will change!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my October spread! I’m no Bullet Journal expert, but I’m here if you have any questions about getting started.

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