My Postpartum Must-Haves


When you’re in the postpartum room of the hospital, there is a constant flow of people coming in and out of your room; nurses, doctors, lactation consultants, pediatrician, hearing specialist, hospital photographer, and that awful person who pricks the baby’s heel. The sleep I thought we would get was not going to happen. Although I knew everyone was there to make sure Winifred was healthy and safe, a part of me wondered if anyone was there to help ME out. I mean I did just have a significant tear in my lady parts and I had no idea what I was doing. There was a lovely nurse who gave me the low down on taking care of myself “down there” during my first trip to the restroom. However, a quick tutorial didn’t seem sufficient for what felt like a major situation.

So, with the help of my mom and good ole Google. I gathered supplies to help heal my mind and body from having a human exit me.


Mommy Must-Haves

  • Nursing Bras Amazon
    • I love these bras. They are full coverage with tons of support, but don’t give you a uniboob.
  • Nursing Pads Bamboobies
    • These are reusable and super absorbent.
  • Nipple Cream Honest Brand
    • Made with all the good stuff and heals like a dream.
  • Cotton Undies (Target)
    • Full coverage is a must when you have to wear those giant pads
  • Peri Bottles Amazon
    • This is a must if you have stitches. Helps you feel clean and relieves itching.
  • Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray Amazon
    • I could not have slept without this stuff. It temporarily numbs you
  • Witch Hazel Pads Amazon
    • These were the unsung hero of my recovery. These pads give you cooling relief and help expedite the healing process.
  • Perineal Spray Earth Mama Organics
    • Just a few spritzes of this a few times a day!
  • Sitz Bath Earth Mama Organics
    • The box gives you several ways to use it and I would recommend each one! The herbs in this product relieved pain, itching, and felt so good. I would use this at night as needed.
  • Baby Wipes
    • As weird as it sounds, I used these to dab my area after the Peri Bottle.
  • Poise Pads
    •  I found the poise pads worked way better for what I needed them for. They were more full coverage. As I bled less, I just bought the smaller ones.
  • Stool Softener
    • Its embarrassing, but you need it. You really really do.

I used most of these products during my extensive bathroom routine. I’m going to share that with you because I had NO clue what to do. Heres how it went.

  1. Fill Peri Bottle with warm water
  2. Do your business
  3. Change pad
  4. Put Witch Hazel pads on your pad
  5. Use Peri Bottle to clean yourself
  6. Dab your area with a baby wipe
  7. Dermoplast Spray
  8. Perineal Spray


Don’t be afraid to ask your nurse questions about your own recovery. If you aren’t in good health, if affects your relationship with your baby and your baby’s health as well. You deserve to be taken care of during the healing process, too.

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0 thoughts on “My Postpartum Must-Haves

  1. My peri bottle was my bff! Even though I had a c-section. Mainly because I could not bend or move my upper body very much in order to clean myself. I snagged a few from the hospital before heading home!


  2. I asked the lady that pricked his heels and made my sweet boy cry if she hated her job. Lol 😳I was serious.


  3. The peri bottle saved me those first weeks after delivery.
    Keep them when you are done. My pediatrician’s nurse recommended them for diaper changes when my babies had diaper rash. Fill with warm water and squirt in diaper area to clean instead of using wipes.


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