My 10 New Mommy Must-Haves

This isn’t a news flash, but being a new mom is hard. It’s beautiful, wonderful, and down right difficult. Babies don’t need a lot but they “need” a lot, if you catch my drift. In my 2 whole months of being a mom, I’ve found myself saying “Oh my gosh, I’m so glad we have_________”.  So, here’s a quick list of the 10 things that have saved my new mommy behind.

  1. DockATot – Holy guacamole this has been the greatest thing. This is what we’ve had Winnie sleep in since she was about 2 weeks old. The DockATot is a cosleeper that gave me peace of mind (told myself we wouldn’t cosleep, LOL). She sleeps in it next to me and I know that I won’t roll over on top of her. The DockATot has also made her transition to daycare much smoother. It is small enough to travel with back and forth, so she is comfortable at daycare. These are a bit expensive BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT. I got mine on sale with Zulily and I see them on FaceBook markets often.aYAzEie6Sy67TLQv89zPXg
  2. Milk Saver– I found that when I was breastfeeding or pumping one breast at a time, the other breast would leak. I hated seeing that milk go to waste in a breast pad. Enter the milk saver! A genius invention to help you save every drop of your liquid gold! I’ve seen several kinds used; Amazon has tons of options.
  3. The Pocket Nanny– A devise that tracks feedings, pumping, diaper changes, and more.  This was an absolute lifesaver for the first 4 weeks or so when your brain is absolute mush. We liked using this better than the apps because when Will and I traded in the middle of the night, we knew the baby’s stats. This wasn’t even on my registry. It was a gift from another new mom who knew of it’s magic!
  4. Moby Wrap– A must-have if you’d like to get anything done during the first 6 weeks. It’s the perfect way to combine productivity and cuddles. Winnie loved to be close to me, and I loved having my hands free!IMG_2725
  5. Something patterned next to the changing table– Ok, this may sound weird but bear with me.  Babies are wiggle monsters when they get on the table, it’s a proven fact. Our saving grace has been this black and white tapestry we hung next to her changing table. The patterns and contrast stimulate her eyes and brain, while allowing a swift diaper change.
  6. Pajamas with built in mittens– Another completely genius idea. Winnie doesn’t always like to be swaddled but her arms flail constantly while sleeping. We found these Cloud Nine Pajamas from Target that have the mittens folded onto the sleeves. When it’s time for bed, you can just fold the tops of the sleeves over. Boom. Mittens.
  7. Sound Machine– Another thing I swore I wouldn’t use. Well, here we are. When Winnie was a newborn, she loved the “heartbeat” option. Now, we just use the white noise to help us both get more sleep.
  8. Bubba Keg– This 54 oz. beauty was a huge help with breast-feeding thirst. I knew I needed to drink 2 of them a day to help keep my supply up. The fact that it was so big helped because I didn’t have to refill the bottle every 30 minutes.IMG_7575
  9. Plexus Joyome– Yes, I sell it. However, I cannot begin to describe how much this helped the skin on my belly. I have stretched out skin at the front of my belly that was killing my self esteem. I put the Joyome on my belly morning and night. After about 3 weeks, the scars went from purple to pale, my skin felt tighter, and it keeps getting better. I’m super impressed with this skin care product!
  10. A Good Cabernet– Because wine is good.


*BONUS* All. The. Boppy. Pillows.

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