17 Weeks with Daphne Grace

How far along? 17 Weeks
Baby is the size of a:  White Onion, Play Station Controller, Chipmunk
Total weight gain: Staying even
Maternity clothes? It’s a lifestyle.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Baby Development: Daphne’s brain is beginning to coordinate things, like regulating her heartbeat! Did you know that for the first 16 weeks, the heartbeat is not controlled by the brain?? I had no idea. She is getting a stronger umbilical chord that is delivering more and more nutrients to her. The cartilage is not turning into bone, so I need to make sure I’m getting super nutrient dense foods! The coolest part, Daphne already has eggs in her ovaries. I’m carrying part of my grandchildren!! This week was fascinating for me to learn about.

Best moment this week: Will and I had a great week for our relationship. Having Winnie and being pregnant has caused us to become AMAZING communicators. We’ve made it a point to sit together for dinner no matter what, and that has led to conversations of adoration and growth. I’ve loved evolving our relationship and making sure the other feels loved amongst the chaos.

Movement:  She moves the most when I bend over! Daphne definitely likes her space!
Food cravings: This weeks was Chinese food week! I think I had it 5 or 6 times. Poor Will, he was so gracious to indulge me.

Miss Anything? Nothing this week, really. This was a very joyful week all around.

My little rollie pollie

Symptoms: DING DONG THE HEADACHES ARE GONE! Coffee was my answer. I’m making sure to get my water intake and eat small meals. I’ve had to switch my prenatal vitamins to the evening because they’ve been causing me to throw up for some reason, so that’s weird. Toward the end of this week, I experienced severe round ligament pain. No fun. It loosened up after some heat and stretching. This just means I need to incorporate more exercise into my day. My sleep has been incredible, which I’m super grateful for.

Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? Still on!

Mood? Much better this week, just tired. JOY was the feeling for this week.

Winifred Update: Winnie J turned 8 months this week and we are having SO. MUCH. FUN. She has taught herself to wave and is now waving “HI” to literally everything. We walk her around the house and waves at everything and we’ll tell her the name of it. “Hi, oven. Hi, TV. Hi, window, etc.” She hasn’t quite mastered the “bye-bye” waving, but we’re working on it. She is CRAWLING (kind of). She pulls herself forward with her arms and engages one leg. She is so determined to move. I love watching her figure out what works. Her determination and tenacity are admirable. Winifred is the happiest baby and loves her routine! She has this crinkle nose smile that makes my heart melt. She is soaking in everything we do and I love watching her wonder about the world.

Looking forward to: Week 18! I have a shower for a dear college friend whom I can’t wait to see. We will hear Daphne Grace’s heartbeat on Monday and I’m so excited!

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