My June Bullet Journal

I’ve been itching to get back to the “Bujo Life”, as I like to call it, but something was stopping me. Was I going to be able to be as detailed as before? Would it really help with my anxiety anymore? Was I even going to like it? All questions I still don’t know the answer too, honestly. However, I knew that I missed it. Journaling looks a little different for me now, but hey, so does life!IMG_9283 2

I wanted to go with a very simple look for my pages this month, mostly because I didn’t want to set myself up to fail. I knew I wanted something I could keep up with during this crazy season of life but would still give me the visual satisfaction that comes with a bullet journal! So, this month, I focused on STICKERS! Stickers are an amazing tool to help you create a clean and fun look without the pressure coming up with my own doodles. My favorite stickers come from The Happy Planner. They have 186 themed sticker books/packs for any planner or journal you want to create! I use them everyday in my Happy Planner but I’ve found that most of them are PERFECT for creating my bullet journal spreads.

IMG_4267 2

My top 5 Bullet Journal sticker books from the happy planner are:

  1. Journaling Doodles– I love this pack! It is full of black and white pre drawn doodles that you can color anyway you want! I’ve use Flair Pens, Inkjoy pens, colored pencils, and even watercolor paints. I would definitely recommend these for those who feel they can’t “doodle”.
  2. Journaling– This pack is similar to the doodles pack, it just has bonus stickers. Its got boxes and stripes of patters that look a little like Washi Tape. I love how many options this pack has! These are also in black and white so you can color them however you’d like!
  3. Colorful Boxes– These are perfect for monthly/weekly layouts! I love layering the boxes with different colors. These help me create looks that would take forever to do with markers or watercolors. They come in a rainbow of colors, as well as black, white, gold and silver! Perfect for any month or theme you’d like to accomplish.
  4. Botanicals– This is by far one of my most used packs! I’m a sucker for a good floral, and this pack comes with all different looks of flower. My favorite are the gold foil laid flowers. It also has watercolor looking ones, as well as black and while. The flowers are in different sizes and bundles to fit all your pages.
  5. Farmhouse– THIS. PACK. WOW. If you want your pages to have Joanna Gains summery light vibes, this is your pack. Its got tons of floral and greenery options with lots of rose gold foil as well. Pastel banners, and foil quotes help create dainty and beautiful pages.

IMG_2864 2

I had to give myself more grace with these pages than I have in the past. I had to do 2 or 3 redos of pages and messed up on the verrrrrry bottom of this one^^. My pages weren’t completely perfect or exactly how I envisioned them being, but that isn’t the most important part. The important thing is that these pages are a version of self care; each one designed to help me take an objective look at my life and adjust to make things better. The point of the pages is to help me gain perspective and control over my habits. I have two little lives and a sweet husband who deserve my best self!



If you’re thinking of starting a bullet journal, DO IT! It doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect.  It needs to be what you need it to be! You don’t have to post of social media or even share with anyone that you’re doing it, its all about what you need! If you need help getting started, you can check out my post about starting a bullet journal or creating goals. You got this!

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One thought on “My June Bullet Journal

  1. Great setup! Love your Habit Tracker. I love to go through the blogs at the beginning of each month and look at everyone’s monthly setup (although mine is getting simpler and simpler).

    Thanks for sharing.


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