Natural Beauty

Before we started trying to conceive I tried to get our lives as natural as possible. I wanted our house to have the least amount of harmful chemicals while remaining realistic. The easiest to transform was out cleaning products, that will be another blog post. However, the most challenging and most rewarding transformation was my beauty routine! It was surprisingly fun to do research and try natural products to see what worked. I am by no means an expert, but here are the products I uses everyday in my beauty routine! I have two favorite companies (Acure Organics and Lush Cosmetics) and a few Etsy shops that provide the cleanest and semi-waste free beauty essentials.

For reference: I wash my face every night, rinse with cold water in the morning, exfoliate 2-3 days a week, moisturize night and day, reapply deodorant every 48 hours, and wash my hair twice a week. I also wear makeup 3-4 times a week.

Tip: I used a phone App called “Think Dirty” to assess the cleanliness of the products I tried. You scan the barcode of your products and it will give you a 1-10 rating of the chemicals used in the products, 1 being the least toxic. This was helpful for me to get the facts when so many products out there claim to be “all natural”.

Facewash- I think I tried the most brand/kinds of face wash. I have combination skin, oily T-Zone, dry cheeks. I wanted a cleanser that could get rid of my makeup and leave my face moisturized. This was apparently a lot to ask for from the natural world. Some just sat on my skin and didn’t get into my pores, or left me feeling way to dry. In the end, I found several that worked out very well. I switch between these based on what my skin is doing and what my budget is that month.

Lush– Lush has several cleansers that I LOVE. Herbalism is a clay-like cleanser that you mix with water to make a paste. I love this one during the summer when I don’t wear much makeup and my face gets a lot of sun. It is soothing, exfoliating, and leaves your skin feeling fresh. It’s on the more pricy side but lasts a really long time if you use it 2-3 times a week. Angels on Bare Skin is a more gentle exfoliant with almond and lavender. I love using this one in the winter when my skin is more dry. It leaves your skin feeling moisturized and super smooth. BONUS- These come in recycled/recyclable containers. When you collect five you can redeem them at any Lush store and get a free face mask. YAY less waste! 8/10 would recommend this brand.

Acure Organics– I. love. this. brand. You can get it on Amazon or Target, from what I’ve seen. This is an all natural brand with a TON of options for skin types and types of products. Everyone can find something they’re looking for. The Brightening Face Cleanser gel is amazing for the morning time. It has a citrus smell that wakes me up. It’s a gentle cleanser that lightly suds up and massages well into the skin. My face feels awake and ready for the day with this one. A little goes a long way, so it lasts for almost two months with me using it every morning. (It’s also on sale from Amazon for 6 dollars). The Radically Rejuvenating cream is a more moisturizing cleanser. I love using this one at night. I’ve found this one removes makeup well and leaves my skin feeling clean and ready for bed. (Also on sale for 7 dollars on Amazon).  They also have several other kinds like the Seriously Soothing cleansing cream and the Sensitive Skin cleanser! 10/10 would recommend this brand.

Burt’s Bees– I bought this brand in a pinch. While out of town, I needed a cleanser and snagged this one at HEB. You can also get it at Target, or on Burt’s Bees website. I’ve been using the Intense Hydration Cream in the morning and I love the way my makeup looks after using this cleanser. I would also recommend this cleanser at night with a toner. I’ve noticed some makeup left over after using it at night, but using a toner usually removes all the leftovers. 8/10 would recommend this brand (it’s 98% natural).


Moisturizers- Confession, I LOVE moisturizer. I admittedly use way too much and I’m not sorry. Again I have combination skin so I look for moisturizers that hydrate my skin without making my face look like I just stuck in in a vat of coconut oil, ya know? It’s a fine line.

Lush– I am obsessed with Skin Drink. Now, it is hella expensive in my opinion but soooooooo worth it if you can swing it. I asked for it for Christmas. This stuff is a miracle in a recyclable tub. If you can get past the smell (avocado, rose pedal oil, and aloe), your skin will thank you for this one. I love using it at night in the winter to give my skin a “drink” overnight. My skin feels like Winifred’s bum when I wake up and its amazing. 7/10 would recommend this product (huge price factor).

Acure Organics– This brand comes through again, y’all. They have a matching moisturizer for each of their cleanser types, plus a few. My favorite are the Brightening Day Cream and the Brightening Night Cream. They are GREAT for combination and oily skin. My skin absorbs the moisture without looking like a greaseball. The day cream also makes a great primer! This brand also offers an Incredibly Clear Matifying Moisturizer for oily or acne prone skin. 10/10 would recommend this brand.


Body and Face Exfoliants- This was the most intimidating product to test out. If you get the wrong one, it can damage your skin. You should only be exfoliating 2-3 times a week to reduce the risk of damaging your skin while getting rid of the dead skin. A good exfoliant should not leave your skin feeling desert dry or cause any pain.

Lush– My favorite is the Ocean Salt face and body scrub. I gentle scrub you can use all over that leaves you skin feeling fresh! I add a little more pressure when scrubbing my knees and elbows to really get that dead skin off. I use this before a spray tan to make sure it gets even! I love using this on my face in the summer to give myself a refreshed look. It also comes in a “self preserving” formula and in a recyclable tub!

Acure Organics- I use the Brightening facial scrub. Y’all this stuff is insanely good and only cost $7. A little goes a long way. I’ve been using the same tube for almost a year and I use it 2-3 times a week. It has tiny tiny exfoliant particles, so I don’t feel like I’m scrubbing my skin off. I love using this to hit the reset button in the middle of the week or when I feel like I’ve been wearing a lot of makeup and my skin needs a little something extra. This brand also has a Pore Minimizing scrub, and a Radically Rejuvenating scrub! 10/10 would recommend.


Toner- Never underestimate the power of a good toner. I use toner after I was my face and before my moisturizer. Toner helps remove any leftover makeup or oils on your skin. There are toners for all skin tones! I love switching up my toner based on the seasons or what my skin needs. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and my pores tight.

Lush- Tea Tree Water is by far my favorite! I can use it in any season because it seams to balance the oils on my face no matter what. It’s an alcohol free toner, so it won’t leave your face feeling extra dry or too tight. It does a great job getting rid of the excess makeup my cleanser doesn’t quite get. It’s a great value for the price. I usually only use 3 or 4 sprays, and I use it 3 times a week. The 3.3 oz bottle will last me almost 3 months. Talk about the biggest bang for your buck. There is no real smell too it, either. PLUS, it’s packaging is recyclable and made with recycled materials. 9/10 would recommend! Breath of Fresh Air is PERFECT for the summer! It has aloe, sea water, and rose it in. I love using this after I’ve been to the pool to get that chlorine feel off my face. It truly is a breath of fresh air. It smells amazing and leaves your skin soothed and supple. Lush offers almost a dozen different toners based of what your skin type is and what it needs.  10/10 would recommend.

Toner Tip: I’ve found toner works best when I spray directly on my face and wipe it off with a cotton pad. However, in my efforts to have as little waste as possible, I looked into finding some reusable cotton pads to keep from throwing so many away! I found these wonderful cotton pads on Etsy! I bought the pack of 30 and have been using them for a year. I’ve used them with toner, makeup remover, and micellar water with no problems at all. I use one a day and just wash them at the end of the month. The quality is amazing and the makeup washes right out! They will most likely last for several more years.  10/10 would recommend.

*There’s always good ole Witch Hazel! This works wonderfully as a toner, is natural, is BOMB for helping heal, and won’t break your bank!


Shampoo- My view of shampoo has changed over the last few months and I’ve truly see the amazing results of having an organic shampoo. My hair is lighter in weight, it stays  cleaner longer, doesn’t have as much build up, and has way less frizz. I’ve found the truth in lather, rinse, repeat. That “repeat” part it SO important!

Lush- I have used several shampoos from Lush cosmetics and there wasn’t a single one that I didn’t LOVE. They offer such a wide variety for all hair types and hair goals. They offer no waste options and recyclable options. The ones I’ve tried are:

Fairly Traded Honey is everything it says!  A smooth and silky shampoo that gives your hair LIFE. If your hair is in need of some moisture and repair, this will be your jam! This is the shampoo I’ve used/bought the most times. 50% of the shampoo is honey and it shows! You really only need a quarter sized amount and it is self preserving, so the 8.4 oz bottle lasts for about 3 months depending on how often you use it. It is a bit pricy but for how amazing it is and how long it last, I think it’s worth it! 9/10 would recommend! Jersey Bounce is my summer go to! Jersey Bounce is perfect for when my greasy hair needs some volume without getting too dried out. It really helps me achieve a “just went to the beach look”. It comes in a recycled/recyclable jar, contains chunks of sea salt, smells lemony fresh and leaves your hair feeling like you just went to the salon! I wouldn’t recommend if you have super dry/fine/brittle hair because the salt my leave it feeling super dry. 7/10 would recommend. Godiva Shampoo Bar is the most waste free shampoo/conditioning bar that I have tried. Lush offers this empty tin to store it in and reuse! Y’all I think this one was my favorite. This tiny little shampoo bar lasted for almost 40 washes  (It would have lasted longer if I hadn’t left the tin open and got water in there). It also was SO moisturizing that I only needed a pea size amount of conditioner on the ends of my hair. 10/10 would recommend. Lush has dozens of other shampoo/shampoo bars to accommodate any and all hair types!

Acure Organics- Curiously Clarifying Shampoo with lemon grass and argan! I. LOVE. THIS. SHAMPOO. This was definitely made to lather, rinse, and repeat.  It really suds up on the second go round and you need less than a quarter sized amount. This bottle lasts a very long time! It leaves my hair feeling so light and super clean. Its VERY reasonably priced. The only draw back it its a lot of plastic! 8/10 would recommend. Acure has a ton different kinds of shampoo/conditioner, this is just the only one I’ve tried!

Conditioner- My hair gets weighed down by conditioner very easily, so I have to be careful about the kind of conditioner and how much I use! I usually just apply the conditioner on my ends, then run my fingers through my hair to spread a little to the roots. I make sure I rinse really well to prevent getting weighed down.

Lush- American Cream was the first one I tried and it took me a while to get used to a more natural conditioner. I was so used to the  heavy cream of Panteen, and it was weird to use a lighter one. American cream is more runny than any conditioner I’d ever used but worked 10 times better than any conditioner I’d ever used. Only needing a nickel sized amount, the 8.4 oz bottle lasted about 3 months. This one is worth the price for me! I’m obsessed with the strawberry, vanilla, citrus sent it gave my hair all day! 9/10 would recommend. “Big” Conditioner Bar– Once you go “Big” you never go back! Y’all, I bought this BEFORE WINIFRED WAS BORN and it’s still goin!!! This no waste conditioner can be stored in Lush’s Oval Tin for a long lasting product. This took me a while to get used to using the bar and not having something creamy to run through my fingers. The bar is not a detangler and that took some time to work around but the feeling of my hair when it dries is UNREAL. All I need to do is lather up the bar and run it over the ends of my hair. I let it sit while I shave my legs and rinse well for squeaky clean ends! This is my absolute MUST for a natural step to waste free beauty! 11/10 would recommend. Like their shampoos, Lush has more conditioners for you!

Acure Organics- Curiously Clarifying Conditioner is the sister to their shampoo. I do love that Acure has a matching shampoo/conditioner set for each kind they offer. I love using this creamy conditioner every once in a while to really moisturize all the way to my roots. I just have to be careful to use a small amount and rinse really well or my hair can be heavy and greasy when it dries. When I rinse it all out, my hair feels incredible! This is definitely an affordable option if you’re looking to make more natural steps! 8/10 would recommend.

Deodorant-  Lume. Y’ALL. This took me forever to find. I went through so many natural deodorants before I found the Holy Grail! I tried Native, Schmidt’s, ones from Etsy, and random ones from Amazon. They all either gave me a rash, stained my clothes with the oils, or just didn’t to anything at all! By happenstance, I heart the creator of Lume on a podcast I was listening too. She was so confident in her product that I thought I would give it a try. I’ve been using Lume for a year a a half and I could not be more happy with it. It took a while getting used to a deodorant and not an anti-persperant. It was weird sweating and not smelling, but I felt so much better! Being pregnant in West Texas during August was BRUTAL. My body took a couple weeks to adjust, but I’m so happy I stuck it out! Currently advocating for a more wast free option. 10/10 would recommend!

*Bonus Favorite Etsy Shop*  Sam Wish – Sam makes AMAZING oil blends, scrubs, deodorants, lip balms, and MORE!  Here are a few of my favorite of her products!

Organic Face Nectar– This stuff is actual GOLD. I’ve purchase the “Balancing” formula and it was sensational. It was an amazing makeup primer oil and also helped balance my oils at night. I used this the most in the summer as a replacement moisturizer. It really did an amazing job making me feel fresh and balancing my skin!

Lavender and Grapefruit Lip Balm– Let me tell ya, I’ve been addicted to chapstick since being on accutane my sophomore year of high school. I’ve had to have a tube every where I go and in every jacket pocket, car cupholder, and room in the house. With Sam’s lip balm, it’s all I need. I applied it before bed and didn’t need it again until the afternoon! Talk about getting your bang for your buck! It smells incredible and lasts a long time!

11/10 would recommend her shop and anything she offers!

WHEW! Bonus points for you if you made it this far! I think we should all be mindful of the products we put on our bodies and where they come from. Making moves toward a natural and “less waste” house has been a long process full of trial, error, and being ok with making small moves. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or tips on living a more natural life!



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