14 Weeks With LL2

How far along? 14 weeks
Baby is the size of a:  Lemon, House Mouse, Troll Doll
Total weight gain: None! Staying steady.
Maternity clothes? Just bought a pair of overalls and I’m a tid bit more pumped than I should be.

Stretch marks? No new ones!


Baby Development: LL2’s kidneys are now producing urine! She is taking every ounce of protein I have to begin to build those muscles. Her immune system is beginning to develop, too! By now, she can make facial expressions and even suck her thumb!
Sleep:  Winifred has decided she missed her night feeding so we’re back to being up from 2-3, but other that that she sleeps like a champ. I’m still having vivid dreams and any caffeine after 6 greatly affects my ability to fall asleep quickly. Vivid dreams are still occurring.

Best moment this week: Got to hear a strong heartbeat this week (157)! Took the doctor about 10 minutes and it was the most terrifying part of either pregnancy. However, once he found it, it was the sweetest sound!

Movement: I have felt stronger “twitches” really low in my abdomen! Doc says within the next couple of weeks I’ll start to feel “no doubt about it” movements. Will can’t wait to feel!
Food cravings: Potato. Chips.
Miss Anything? Not this week, really. I actually had a lot more energy and felt very myself.


Symptoms: Still getting headaches but they have definitely been more dull this week. My energy comes in spurts and fatigue hits quickly. I’ve been experiencing “Round Ligament Pain”, which was something new for me. When I step with my left foot I get a pinching feeling right below my belly button. The more I move, the better I feel! Also, I feel more nauseous than I did in the first trimester. Is that a thing?

Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? Still hanging on! I don’t think these will last as long with this one though!

Mood? Up and Down energy. One minute I’m cleaning the house like a mad woman, the next I can’t keep my eyes open!

Winifred Update: Little Winnie J has developed quite the personality! She is so animated and loves loves loves to get kisses. She grew out of her baby tub and is taking sitting up baths now. She learned to splash around and loves getting the water dumped on her head. Bath time is our favorite time of day. Still no crawling but she’s working on it. Her favorite food this week was a beet, pomegranate puree! She’s learned to shake her head “No”. I don’t think she really knows what it means but she thinks it’s the best thing ever. She is eating like a CHAMP! Mostly purees to help her gain weight, but she picked up a strawberry and went to town!


Looking forward to: Feeling bigger kicks, warmer weekends, sleeping through the night and watching Tech win their game this Saturday!


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