15 Weeks with LL2


How far along? 15 Weeks
Baby is the size of a:  box of crayons, pear, yellow canary, small avocado
Total weight gain: -1 (right now, sleeping beats eating)
Maternity clothes? Living my best life!


Stretch marks? Nope!

Baby Development: LL2’s lungs are developing in overtime right now! She can breathe in the amniotic fluid that will help her lungs develop air sacs. Her eyes and ears are moving into the right position on her face. Her heart is pumping 25 quarts of blood a DAY! She can now bend her knees and elbows!
Sleep:  The vivid dreams are turning into nightmares, probably because of the SVU I watch before bed. The anxiety creeps in as I fall asleep and is making it harder to drift off. This is about the time in my pregnancy with Winifred where I had to be put on anti anxiety meds, but I’m hoping to avoid that this time around. A calming bedtime routine is in my future.

Best moment this week: RAIDER!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though we didn’t win, I’m so stinkin’ proud to be a Red Raider! I also stepped out of my comfort zone and became a contributor for the Midland Moms Blog! I had my first event this week. After a minor anxiety attack in the parking lot, I went it and mingled my little heart out. I’m proud of myself for getting out of my comfort zone and I can’t wait to see what the MMB is all about. We also went to a crawfish boil with the people we love! Needless to say, momma and baby were both pleased with the spicy goodness.


Watching the Tech game with Daddy!

Movement:  I felt some “no doubt about it” movement from LL2, which just made my heart so happy! LL2 is super low, so I’m only feeling twitches.
Food cravings: Got my first real pregnancy food craving this week! Kraft Mac and Cheese. It was so bad that I couldn’t sleep, and sweet Will had to go to the store at 11 pm for me. Now, this was weird because I generally do not like Mac and Cheese…so baby was definitely in charge.  I ate about 4 bites and couldn’t stomach it anymore, but it satisfied baby so I could sleep. Other than that, I can’t get enough popsicles.
Miss Anything? Not this week!

Symptoms: MIGRAINES. Y’all, I did not have this many headaches with Winnie J. I get one every day and nothing helps. Essential oils, caffeine, Tylenol, sleep, showers, Ice packs, NOTHING. I’m dying and I hope they go away soon. It makes teaching and momming really difficult.

Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? Still on!

Mood? Cranky, because of the headaches. My fuse is about a centimeter long and I blow at any inconvenience. These are the worst and I feel sorry for my students and husband. I’m not a very pleasant person to be around during a headache.

Winifred Update: This girl is the light of my freaking LIFE. She is talking non-stop! She babbles and sings along to the radio, using her paci as a microphone. Winnie J is enthralled with her Daddy. Everywhere he goes her eyes follow him or she wants to be right there. I love watching their relationship grow. If Will has anything to say about it, she’ll have a game controller in her hand by age 3! She THRIVES in the bathtub. She loves to get the water dumped over her head and chase her floating toys in the water. She is a professional splasher, and giggles like a maniac when she gets into her towel. Right now, her favorite bath toy is the cup mom uses to dump water on her. WJ has also discovered her tongue and can make the cutest little noises when she’s eating.
Looking forward to: The headaches going away and Feeling more movement! Also, planning a name announcement!

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