23 Weeks With Daphne Grace

How far along? 23 weeks
Baby is the size of a:  Barbie Doll, Chinchilla

Total weight gain:  2lbs

Stretch marks? None! Thank you, Jergens

Baby Development: Daphne Grace is a growing bean! Her lungs are developing in overtime this week, which makes mama happy! She is getting fatter by the day and I can’t wait to squeeze her chubby cheeks. Her skin is still transparent and her veins and arteries are developing as well. She is currently a little over a foot ling and weighs about a pound! Her inner eye components are also completely developed.

Movement:  This little jumping bug is constantly moving big time! We’ve started to feel her move on the outside, which is super exciting for Will.
Food cravings:

Miss Anything? Being able to bend over comfortably

Symptoms:  Getting super tired lately

Belly Button in or out?  WAY OUT THERE
Wedding rings on or off? Still on

Mood?  Exhausted and Emotional. Everything makes me cry and I nap when Winnie naps.

Positive moments this week: Will and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary and got to sneak away for a nice lunch together!

Winifred Update: Winnie J has made some awesome developments this week!    She has mastered the “N” and the “M” sound, which makes me hopeful that “mama” is going to be coming out of her sweet little mouth! Right now, everything is “Dada”, so I’m ready for my name! I’m pretty sure knows “NaNa” is her sitter because when we drive up to her house, she goes “Nana Nana Nana!”. It’s insanely adorable. She is also having more “conversational” language, looking at me when I talk to her and looking people in the eye when she talks as well.

Looking forward to:  SWIM LESSONS! Winnie J has started swim lessons and its my new favorite thing.

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