31 Weeks With Daphne Grace

How far along? 31 Weeks
Baby is the size of a:  Small otter, Romaine Lettuce,

Total weight gain: 7.5 lbs

Baby Development: Daphne Grace is still packing on the pounds and growing like crazy! Her senses are almost fully developed and she can hear everything going on around her. Her eyesight is still developing, so everything is a giant blur right now. The bones of her skull are solidifying to prepare for birth. I can’t wait for my little cone head. Her bones are continuing to steal my calcium to harden and get ready for the outside world.

Movement:  Daphne Grace had hiccups for the first time this week! That’s my favorite baby movements. She loves when Winnie is around and making noises, she moves the most then. It makes my heart so happy. I’m praying that the movements I’m feeling are movements of a baby who is head down!

Food cravings: Nothing really this week! My chocolate cravings have subsided, thank goodness.

Miss Anything?  Being able to stand up from the couch in less than 30 seconds.

Symptoms:  Heartburn. I’ve never had heartburn in my life and here it is, every night as I fall asleep. It’s not too bad and I can usually get back to sleep, but I have to sleep propped up. That is an interesting endeavor. The lower back pain is still lingering but I’m pretty much used to that as my new normal. Leaky breasts this week, too! With WJ I got them at 25 weeks, so I’m happy that symptom was delayed. I can feel my hips loosening and my joints are more wobbly. Lots of changes this week as my body starts prepping! Still a long while until she is here!

Wedding rings on or off?  Sadly, they are off. I don’t know if it’s this West Texas heat or what but my hands are swollen by about 2 in the afternoon. So, I just don’t bother with them anymore. My silicone wedding ring will do just fine for the next 9 weeks.

Mood?  Determined. We started Winnie J’s room remodel and I am PUMPED! I just might spend most of my time in there! The renovation got my organization juices flowing and I’m prepping for Daphne Grace’s arrival and Winnie J’s first birthday party! I’m ready to switch all of Winnie J’s stuff to her new room and re”baby” the nursery.

Winifred Update: SHE HAS A TOOTH! I REPEAT, SHE HAS A TOOTH! It’s the cutest little thing and I can’t wait for her to get more. She is officially OVER purees and wants to eat what we’re eating, which is quite convenient. She is determined to feed herself and is so proud of herself when she does! Winnie J started investigating other parts of the house this week and discovered the dog bowls. Her preferred spot to hang out is the dog bed and her favorite toy is Zeus’ tail! She continues to practice her standing skills and she can balance herself for a good 3 seconds before falling. She’ll crawl or climb over anything she can find. She also had her first Chick-Fil-A experience and she’s a TOTAL fan!

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