28 Weeks With Daphne Grace

Baby is the size of a:  Coconut, Small Roller-skate

Total weight gain:  staying steady at 5lbs only even with allllll the Peanut M&Ms

Stretch marks? Just a few more, I’ve surrendered them at this point.

Baby Development: Daphne Grace weighs about 2.5 lbs and will continue to gain weight quickly during the last trimester! Her adrenal glands are now producing their own hormones to signal mama to start producing milk! She is becoming less wrinkly as she packs on the fat. As she sleeps she dreams and even has REM cycles! I’m continually amazed at how God is weaving her together.

Movement:  I’m pretty sure I’m giving birth to the hulk. Daphne Grace is STRONG and is moving most of the day, especially after sunset. She is rolling around in there and seems to still be in the breech position if I’m feeling right. I’m anxious for my next sonogram to see if she is. Currently researching ways to rotate her.

Food cravings: It’s still chocolate haha.

Miss Anything?  I miss our families. We definitely got spoiled this past week, being surrounded by all our loved ones.

Symptoms:  Sciatic pain, peeing every 10 minutes, hard to breathe, swelling if I sit for too long, etc. I call it the third trimester PARTY.

Wedding rings on or off? Still on!

Mood?  Productive! I’m back on my cleaning schedule and scheduling play dates for Winnie J. Planning lots of blogs, too!

Positive Moments This Week: Will and I went through our finances to prepare for the arrival of Daphne Grace and the exiting of my paycheck. It’s an uncomfortable topic sometimes but it is necessary to discuss in a marriage. It makes us both feel better to have the exact idea of where we’re at and decide things together. It’s good for our relationship to be a team and I love being on his team.

Winifred Update: Oh, the cuddles I got this week. I’m soaking in my time with WJ before there is another little one to snuggle with. She plays by herself for a little, then comes back for a quick cuddle. Also, SHE IS CRAWLING ON HANDS AND KNEES AND TAKING SOLID FOODS! The week at the beach was so good for her. Her big cousins worked with her to crawl on her hands and knees! She cannot get enough books and fluffy things. We read the same 5 books allll day long and she loves it. She has recently attached herself to this tiny little lamb and its the most adorable thing.


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