29 Weeks With Daphne Grace

How far along? 29 weeks
Baby is the size of a:  Cotton Tail Rabbit, Small Pineapple, Barbie Convertible

Total weight gain:  6Lbs total

Stretch marks? Yup. Any creams you could recommend would be awesome, folks. My stomach feels like it’s ripping open.

Baby Development: This week, Daphne Grace weighs in at almost 3lbs! She is packing on the fat and getting ready to enter the world. Her muscles and lungs are continuing to develop and mature as she practices breathing. She is pretty much at her birth length now!

Movement:  This girl is strong. I know I said that last week but WOW. She takes my breath away my breath. Fun fact: She moves the most when I’m holding Winnie J. When I’m rocking her to sleep at night or during playtime. Daphne Grace can’t wait to come and meet her sister!

Food cravings: The chocolate cravings are so real. Every night, I have one of those mug cake things and WOOOOOOOOOOW. Also, had the weirdest craving for frozen yogurt this week. Haven’t had that since college.

Miss Anything?  Weird, but I miss being able to do the dishes without turning sideways. My belly gets in the way! Takes a tool on your back after a while.

Symptoms:  the nesting has begun. Personally, I love this part of pregnancy. My house is super clean and I’m organizing everything I can see. This stage in the pregnancy with Winnie, I was nesting in my classroom and preparing form my long-term sub. This time around, I’m channeling all my energy into Winnie J’s room makeover!

Wedding rings on or off? Still on! Minimal swelling, which is a relief in this heat.

Mood?  This one changes day to day. One day I’m stressed/irritable; next I’m excited/productive, then exhausted/passive. Poor Will.

This Week: Anxiety hit this week HARD. The reality of what our lives will look like in a few months is scary. Financially, bringing home a new baby and me not working is going to be a new adventure for us. I’ve come to love budgeting though, and we’re a good team. We also realized that we have done NOTHING to prepare for Daphne Grace’s arrival. We decided to move Winnie J to her own room so we can have the nursery ready for DG. I also had a minor anxiety attack when I realized I was going to have to give birth again. That might sound weird given that I’ve been pregnant for 30 weeks now, but it’s true. I’m honestly terrified to give birth again. I haven’t had time to forget what birth means for my body and mind. So, I’ll be spending the next 10 weeks prepping my body and mind for the most peaceful birth this baby can have.

Winifred Update: STILL. NO. TEETH. This week with WJ was adorably frustrating (parenting in a nutshell). Since we got back from the beach, Winnie has been on a night time sleep strike or waking up at 5AM ready for the day. She is always in a good mood when she wakes up, so that makes it 10 times easier to not be the grumpiest parent of all time. Other than being sleep deprived, she is growing leaps and bounds. She is attempting to stand up on her own! She’s doing lots of “downward dog” pose to get herself ready to stand. She is scooting around on all the furniture and babbling NONSTOP. For someone so tiny, she has a lifetime of stories to tell us. She is FINALLY eating more solid food. She is no longer accepting purees and is dying to feed herself! This makes me so happy for her development and makes meal time incredibly messy! WINNIE J also got baptized this weekend! It was so emotional to her be welcomed into the Church. She loved having her Uncle Thomas and Aunt Christy in town for a couple of days. It’s always nice when family comes! We’ve decided to start moving WJ into a “big girl” room instead of the nursery so Daphne Grace can have the nursery when she’s ready. WJ was very interested in picking out her paint color.

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