34 Weeks with Daphne Grace

How far along? 34 Weeks
Baby is the size of a:  small pineapple (still)

Total weight gain: 12 lbs

Baby Development: We got to have an ultrasound and see Daphne Grace early this week! She is developing beautifully, almost too beautifully! As of now, baby girl is measuring 2.5 weeks ahead of where we’re at. Her head is in the 97th percentile and the rest of her is in the 92nd percentile. DG is HEALTHY. However, doc was concerned about if my body could handle how big she might be, so we scheduled another ultrasound in two weeks to see how she grows and come up with a plan. Sometimes the ultrasounds can be way off, by up to 2 lbs, so we won’t put anything in stone. She is no longer breach, which is a huge relief! She looks JUST like Winnie J except she has a head full of hair. I cannot freaking wait to see her in the world.


Movement: Still feeling her extremely low. She kicks all day long and likes to let me know she’s there!

Food cravings: Juice haha so weird

Miss Anything?  I miss being able to bend over. It’s rough picking up Winnie J or toys, I feel like I’m going to break Daphne if I bend too much. It’s very painful.

Symptoms:  Back pain is getting pretty bad at the end of the day along with feet swelling. Still getting heartburn some nights, but it goes away when I prop myself up to sleep.

Mood?  Laser Focused. We’ve been prepping for Winnie J’s first birthday party! My mind has been going a thousand miles an hour and I’ve had to delegate a lot to my sister (Rachel) and Will. I had such a specific vision for how I wanted the party to go and my anxiety was so focused on every little detail. It was hard to sit still this week even though my body was begging me to.

Winifred Update: She had the time of her life this week! Winnie J is obsessed with her Aunt Rachel and loved having her with us all week. We went to the splash pad and the library to show Aunt Rachel how fun Midland can be. WINNIE J ALSO TURNED ONE! We cannot even believe how fast time has gone. It truly feels like just last month we were bringing her home from the hospital. Her party was everything I could have ever asked for. We are especially thankful for the people who took time out of their weekends to come and celebrate Winnie J. We felt all the love and we are so grateful to have people here in Midland who feel like family.

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