35 Weeks with Daphne Grace

How far along? 35 weeks
Baby is the size of a:  spaghetti squash

Total weight gain: 13.5

Baby Development: Daphne Grace is getting lower and lower in there. She is preparing for birth as her body puts the final touches on her skeletal system and her organs. Her lungs continue to grow stronger as she practices breathing! She should be packing on more and more fat, but I need her to cool it with that. She’s HUGE. She’s working on her first poop as we speak! Her finger nails are getting pretty long and ready to be trimmed!

Movement: I am now feeling movement almost exclusively right at my cervix. I don’t think she can get any lower! She loves when I drink anything with bubbles. Thankfully, she is off my lungs which is an amazing relief to be able to breathe again.

Food cravings: VEGGIES! Broccoli and sugar snap peas are LIFE.

Miss Anything?  I miss being able to cuddle Winifred. She can’t fit in my arms like she used to and it’s painful when she sits on my belly. However, I do love that I can hold both my girls at the same time.

Symptoms:  The sciatic nerve pain is back and makes my right leg feel like it’s on fire. Some stretching relieves the pain a little, but it’s intense. My emotions are everywhere at this point too. Poor Will having to deal with my ups and downs. He needs an award.

Mood?  Determined. After we finished Winnie J’s party, my mind went completely into nesting mode to get the house ready for Daphne Grace. We had to switch the girls’ closets and get all the infant stuff down from the attic. In one day, our house went from a complete disaster to ready for baby! I’m now just going down the list to make sure we have everything we need for the hospital and postpartum life. It’s making my heart very happy to know our home is ready to welcome Daphne Grace home!

Winifred Update: Truth time; this week was insanely difficult with Winifred June. She is now one and going through the 8th mental leap, which can make babies very fussy as they try to figure out their new world. She is also cutting her top two teeth, causing her to have an ear infection. THEN, she got most of her 1 year shots on top of all this. She is going through so much and it’s hard for her tiny body to handle it all so, she screams. I can’t take it away and there is only so much I can do, so we cuddled a LOT this week. By Thursday, she started feeling more like herself! We went to the park and the library to cure the stir-crazy. I’ve been blown away at the mental jumps she’s made this week. She’s beginning to explore the world around her and venture out on her own to make friends or try something new. She still comes back for cuddles, which makes this mama heart happy. SHE WANTS TO WALK SO BAD. She’ll stand up on her walker and scoot around the house. It should be only a matter of time! She is currently obsessed with books, we read allllllll day long.

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