36 Weeks with Daphne Grace

How far along? 36 weeks
Baby is the size of a: Chihuahua (lol)

Total weight gain: 15 lbs.

Baby Development: Welp. DG is still huge! We had another ultrasound this week and she is measure at about 7 and a half pounds. Head is still in the 97th percentile but she went down to the 89th percentile as a whole! She is still insanely low. Y’all, TMI but the sonographer had to almost violate my lady business to get a good measurement of the top of her head. Good news though, doc said she is super healthy and all her organs are functioning and looking great! She is still very active which means her placenta is strong and working. She has SO MUCH HAIR. I truly cannot wait to see what she looks like.

Movement: Daphne Grace is moving like a mad woman and I kinda love it. Now that I know where she is positioned, I can tell where her little feet are and I can push them back. She is strong! I wonder if she’ll be able to bust out of swaddles like her sister. She is using my bladder as a squeeze toy; that is proving rather interesting and painful.

Food cravings: I’m allllll over the place this week. I cannot get enough sugar snap peas but I also really want Chocolate Pop tarts sooooooooo there’s that. I’m just letting DG call the shots at this point.

Miss Anything?  Clothes. Right now I have about 6 shirts I can fit into and 5 pairs of shorts. I honestly miss a diverse wardrobe.

Symptoms: No appetite unless it’s a craving. Nothing sounds good and I don’t really feel hungry until 10pm when I get STARVING. I’m also having a lot of severe back pain because my belly is hanging so low. I got a support band to go under my belly and it is a game changer! I can walk around without looking like a penguin and grunting like Serena Williams.

Mood?  Restless. I’m so ready for Daphne Grace to get here. I struggle because I know she needs more time to develop and cook but I want her here so bad. Our house is ready for her! Nursery is done, hospital bags are packed, newborn clothes are washed, and our room is set up for her temporary sleep space! Now, we wait. I’m just so ready to start our new life with our second miracle.

Winifred Update: I can’t believe how much she changes from day to day! We go spoiled having Will home this 3-day weekend. She got to show her dad her favorite park and spend some quality time with him in the sun! We’ve started to teach her sign language at mealtime to cut down on the random screaming. So far, Winnie J knows “more” and “all done”. We’re now working on “Water”! It’s amazing how fast she learned those signs and I can’t wait to continue that communication. Winifred now has 4 teeth and is looking like a real life toddler! She is allllll over the place, climbing on everything and making as much noise as possible. She is obsessed with the dogs and her books. She would read all day long if she could. We continue to visit the library 2 days a week, and Winnie J is making friends! I love seeing her wave at the other kids and share the toys. She is such a tender heart. She has also begun to “walk” around using her little walker toy, so I’m hoping that walking is right around the corner! This mama would rather not have to carry two babies everywhere.

Winnie J is also practicing using a fork to feed herself. Surprisingly, she picked it up fast! She can get food on the fork on the first try and will get it in her mouth. However, she won’t chew or swallow any food she gets in her mouth with a fork. Confusing and frustrating.

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