37 Weeks with Daphne Grace

How far along? 37 weeks
Baby is the size of a: Honeydew Melon

Total weight gain: 17 lbs. (took full advantage of carbs this week for SURE)

Baby Development: Daphne Grace is still giant and that’s ok! I’m so happy she is healthy and gaining weight, as she should. Her systems are pretty much ready to rock and roll at this point. The only thing left to finish is her digestive system and that won’t happen until she has her first feeding! She is still in birthing position and very low. Her reflexes are developing, too! I think it’s so crazy that babies are born with a full set of reflexes! She’ll grasp, flinch, and hold on tightly to our fingers. I can’t freaking wait!

Movement: I think DG is running out of room in there! She is moving less and less these days but she is still strong. Her feet are pressed right up above my belly button. I can feel little toes and her heels. It’s been my favorite part of these last few weeks. I love those little feet. She also gets the hiccups when I lay down to go to sleep; I look forward to seeing those hiccups on the outside!

Food cravings: Chocolate Pop Tarts! I craved those early in my pregnancy with Winifred but that craving hit late this pregnancy. I only wanted them for a few days, instead of weeks and weeks.

Miss Anything?  Lots of things. I’m truly ready to not be pregnant anymore. I want my baby on the outside.

Symptoms: So emotional. My highs are super high and my lows are super low. I cry everyday, multiple times a day, for different reasons. I had an OB appointment this week and my blood pressure was a little high. I think it was because I was super stressed about my cervix check, but they’re watching me for preeclampsia now. I really don’t think I have it, but its nice to be monitored. I also have this super fun thing called “Lightning Crotch”. I get this pinching feeling that feels like lightning down there. I thought this might mean that I was dilating at least a little bit. NOPE. During my cervix check, doc says, “Nope, you’re closed up tight down there”. Not really what I was hoping to hear. Also, bonus, I have lots of weird gray hairs. Can’t tell if they’re from Daphne or Winifred. However, on Saturday, I did lose part of my mucus plug. So, I’m taking that as a tiny step forward.

Mood?  EMOTIONAL and discrouraged. I truly, truly thought I was going to be at least a little dilated. I know that I’m only 37 weeks and Daphne Grace isn’t done cooking yet, but, selfishly, I’m so done. All my bodily signs point to her being ready to come out! I’m getting anxious because I don’t want to be overdue like I was with Winifred. I just can’t do that again, especially if she’s as big as they think she might be.

Winifred Update: Praise God, Winnie J is eating more this week. She is still on a meat strike, but is eating tons of eggs, so I’ll take it. Her personality is SHINING this week! She is such a talker. She babbles alllll day long and has some very strong opinions. She’s started to really use the sign language we’re teaching her and point to things she wants. It’s so nice to be able to communicate with her. Winnie J is still going to daycare two days a week and I’m so thankful for that! She’s begun to develop some separation anxiety from me, even when I’m in the room. So, I’m glad to have her still be away and ok for a few days a week. SHE TOOK A STEP! She’s also getting really stable on her feet, so I hope we’re close to walking!

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