38 Weeks with Daphne Grace

How far along? 38 Weeks
Baby is the size of a: Pomeranian (lol what)

Total weight gain: another lol, I calculated wrong so I’ve gained about 20 lbs the whole pregnancy

Baby Development: Daphne Grace is pretty darn cooked at this point! Her only job to is to practice breathing and to keep getting fat. She’s rocking both of those! At her sonogram this week, the doc was impressed with how much she was practicing breathing. They also believe her to weigh about 8lbs 7oz, which is what Winnie J weighed when she was born. That is a little scary to hear, but those sonograms can be up to 2lbs off. So, we aren’t going to make any decisions based off of those measurements. She is also shedding her “fetal skin” and her sweet soft baby skin is making its way! Her eyes have most likely into their final color! I seriously cannot wait to see her smushy face and kiss her all over!

Movement: Movement has been more sporadic this week. She moves mostly when I’m laying down. She is still super strong, looking like she is going to come out of my belly button these days. She takes my breath away or makes me stop walking with how strong her kicks are!

Food cravings: Still craving fruits that are juicy and veggies. Sugar snap peas are my JAM and I eat a bag a night with no shame.

Miss Anything?  I miss sleeping for more than an hour without having to go to the bathroom. For the past week, I’ve gotten up every 45-60 minutes to go to the bathroom. It’s quite exhausting and annoying. It may be compounded by the fact that I know I’ll be even more sleep deprived when Daphne Grace comes.


Symptoms: CONTRACTIONS. Y’all, on Sunday, my contractions were so bad I had to start timing them. They were anywhere from 10-20 minutes apart and they felt so different from Braxton Hicks. If I laid down, they slowed down but didn’t stop. At this point, I called my mom and let her know what was happening. She was supposed to come on Thursday, but my dad put her on a plane that night! Thank God he did because Imelda hit Houston on Thursday and both airports were closed! So, she’s now and is a HUGE help with Winnie J because this mama’s back is in some serious pain. The contractions slowed way down this week and returned to being Braxton Hicks. I still get them every day! TMI but I’ve lost two chunks of my mucus plug, which I find super exciting.

Mood?  Anxious. I’m SO ready to meet our new little love and sink into our new normal. I know life won’t be easy but I’m just ready to have this baby and coral the circus. I’m also feeling thankful. Will and my mom have been so patient with me as my nesting spikes. Most of the stuff I want to do, I physically can’t. So they ask what they can do and lovingly clean the weird things my body is telling me need to be cleaned. They’ve encouraged me and convinced me that I’m not crazy, no matter how crazy I feel.

Winifred Update: This. Girl. Definitely turning into a toddler with big feelings and big opinions. I never knew that someone who didn’t talk could have so many opinions on the littlest things. Poor Winnie J had a fever this weekend and her appetite went out the door, again. She is still a “Self proclaimed” vegetarian and will not eat any meat other than eggs. I now FULLY understand how parents end up making chicken nuggets and mac and cheese for every meal. Please take this as my apology for judging. Because Winnie J is living off of scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, and bananas! Nevertheless, she is the light of our lives. She has learned to climb just about everything and wants to explore all the time!

This week, I started lifting my shirt and patting my belly saying, “baby” to get her used to the word and see if she understands a little. Welp haha she kinda understands. If we’re on the floor playing, she’ll make me lift up my shirt so she can pat my belly and say “baby”! I melt into a freaking puddle every single time. I cannot wait to see her be a big sister.

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